User Experience Design project
Project brief: 
Design an entertaining and convenient in-flight shopping experience for economy passengers of an airline company where they can purchase beverages, meals, internet and entertainment content via the built in screen in front of them.

Business Goal: 
Increase profit margin.

Increase in-flight sales and customer satisfaction.
Design Thinking
I practice user-centered design thinking
I decided to tackle the project in three phases
Phase 1: Discovery
I research to understand
What the competition offers and users experience 
Key outcomes of Phase 1
Provide multiple payment methods and bundle payment options 

Phase 2: Design
I create user flows and wireframe my ideas
Sketch, place artifacts and text on mock screen
Key outcomes of Phase 2
Generate ideas for information architecture and image placement
Phase 3: Prototype and user testing
I test my designs
User-feedback obtained upon testing
Preference test Mockup 1
Mockup screen option 1 used for preference and usability test

Mockup screen option 1 

The first mock up screen presented the following issues:
- Too much information
- Screen real estate not used effectively
Preference test Mockup 2
Mockup screen option 2 used for preference and usability test

Mockup screen option 2 

Iterations shown on the second mock up screen:
- The featured movie posters have exclusive space without distractions from text around it in the dark grey box because of more blank space
- Button in selected state has additional user feedback provided with rectangle around text and a green tick
- Entertainment button has been moved down next to other options
- Information regarding cost and payment options will be available on clicking the movie poster
Key outcomes of Phase 3
Design iterations with design system in place
Interactive prototype
Video Presentation

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