UX Designer. Thoughtful. Creative.

Hi, my name is Bhavna, and I am a UX Designer, also trained in UI Design. My background is in fine art, graphics, photography, and business management. I’m passionate about translating business goals into innovative user-centric designs. Click on the arrow below to scroll down and see the various User Experience Design (UXD) projects and User Interface Design (UID) projects I have worked on.

End-to-end design of health expert app
UX Design Process - Competitive Analysis, User Personas, User Flows, Journey Maps, Interactive High Fidelity Prototype
UX design Project
Perfect properties
Responsive web app
UI Design of Perfect Properties app - Mood Board, Style Guide, Interactive Prototype
UI Design Project
Teams BPS SEO page redesign
Microsoft Teams SEO page redesign
UX UI design project
SEO page redesign MSFT VoIP
Microsoft Teams SEO page redesign
UX UI design project
COVID-19 tracker
Dashboard to display COVID-19 cases
I designed the logo and the dashboard to display vaccination, trends, and mortality caused by COVID-19
UX design project
Space Explorer
Adobe NASA creative jam challenge
Collaborative project for app catered to 11-13 year olds
UX design project
The UX Exchange Forum
UX Design Project
A platform for UX Designers of all skill levels to connect
UX Design Project
Word Fame Game
Ongoing project: Vocabulary game project amalgamating UX/UI skills
Applied critical thinking, App for various age groups of users, Merging of different user flows.
UI/UX Project
An app to improve your golf swing
Mobile app
Professional golf coaching app
User Experience Design Project
Flight Delight
Product Design
In-flight shopping experience
User Experience Design Project
Dashboard design
Simple, intuitive dashboard design for two user types
Typography, iconography, color palette
UI design project
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